Hi, this is me!

Thanks for dropping by! 

I am a maker, painter, illustrator, and teacher. My work is born out of the child-like magic of story-telling and fantasy. I create playful narratives with charming animal characters and whimsical environments. In my illustrations, I love to incorporate textures from found objects and nature, as it gives the imagery more dimension. 

I live in Tampa, Florida with my wife, daughter, and our two dogs. I attended the University of South Florida where I received my Fine Arts degree in 2014. I have been teaching art, displaying my work in shows and markets, and creating commission pieces for the last 10 years. 

My inspirations come from various places, but most notably from the stories I experienced as a kid. The illustrated books and movies of my childhood were my first interactions with art and creativity. They left a lasting mark on the part of me that looks for magic and wonder at every corner of life. 

I seek to forge a path for my personal art practice by developing connections with other creative souls. If you've got an idea, reach out!

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